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To us, the people matter.

Each area of work and each industry has its specifics. Organisation, accounting schemes and practices often vary. Hence, specialist knowledge is key. We have this sector-specific knowledge after 30 years of experience.


Basis for all this are the people and their economic activities in their specific setting.


That’s why we have the fundamental attitude that techniques need to be implemented and understood by people. This is also true for techniques regarding taxes and businesses. It is an advantage if the consultant knows how his/her counterpart thinks and acts, besides the professional competence. A good consultant should also know the situation and circumstances of his/her counterpart.


It is not only important to give great advice. The advice must also be comprehensible and acceptable. Because every implementation depends upon the respective client and partner as well.




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SLT Siart Lipkovich + Team GmbH & Co KG

Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft


tax consulting and audit firm


Thaliastraße 85

1160 Vienna, Austria


phone: +43 (1) 493 13 99

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by Dominik Stegmayer

Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer und Partner in allen steuerlichen, betriebswirtschaftlichen und rechtlichen Unternehmensbereichen. [A 1160 Wien, Thaliastraße 85]

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