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More than plain tax consulting.

Our Services

Our wide range of services covers all needs:


“Typical” tax consulting is a field that is equally important for both individuals and large-scale enterprises. Our services range from income tax returns, quarterly reports and financial statements to representation at authorities (e.g. the tax office, social insurance etc.). We provide support and backup for our clients and achieve optimal results. Our success is based on precise and disciplined tax planning and processing, and a continuous optimisation of the cooperation between our clients and us.


Our strategic planning and consulting is not only interesting, but also doubtlessly most helpful –even for small businesses. Our services reach from budgeting and pricing of products or services to strategic plans to approach authorities or banks, settle disputes etc.


Auditing is a complex matter that depends on the legal requirements of the respective case. We will be pleased to tell you more about all the possibilities and requirements in a personal meeting.


Financial Statements, Bookkeeping and payroll accounting are essential tasks for a successful business management. Only those who “do their homework“ properly and thoroughly will be able to keep track of all business processes. We adapt our services to our clients’ needs, ranging from support for selective matters to full-service packages.


Benefit from our knowledge and experience in the field of expert reports. Rudolf Siart has numerous years of experience working as an expert.


Business start-ups need to be well prepared and involve a multitude of aspects that have to be analysed accurately in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.


Our clear and transparent price structure is one of our main concerns and indispensable for a great collaboration. Our experience has shown that our clients appreciate it.


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SLT Siart Lipkovich + Team GmbH & Co KG

Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft


tax consulting and audit firm


Thaliastraße 85

1160 Vienna, Austria


phone: +43 (1) 493 13 99

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by Dominik Stegmayer

Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer und Partner in allen steuerlichen, betriebswirtschaftlichen und rechtlichen Unternehmensbereichen. [A 1160 Wien, Thaliastraße 85]

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